Friday, February 28, 2020

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of conducting personal Essay

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of conducting personal communication in the public sphere - Essay Example An increasing number of people are using social networking websites in order to supplement personal communication. In this context, it can be stated that one of the most popular social networking websites Facebook provides the capability to organize and communicate in an effective manner. Simultaneously, Facebook also provides the capability to express the thoughts of people and to categorize them independently (Westling, 2007). Thesis Statement Considering this aspect, the essay is based on analyzing the vital aspects of conducting personal communication through Facebook. The objective of the essay is to understand the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing an online public sphere medium i.e. Facebook for conducting personal communication. Statement of Intent The essay will intend to address the facet of personal communication in traditional era as well as in present era. Besides, the essay also intends to discuss the suitability of internet as a public sphere medium. Personal Co mmunication Strategies in Past and Present There is a huge dissimilarity between personal communication strategies of past and present times. The actual dissimilarities have been observed due to the evolution of technology. In order to clarify the perspective, it can be depicted that traditionally, the common personal communication techniques were letter writing or telephone conversation among others. The personal communication techniques have evolved from letter and telephone to mobile communication and internet communication technologies. Mobile phone technologies are continuously being updated and developed with new features and devices and internet communication technologies such as social networking sites are continuously accumulating new applications and functionalities. Social networking websites in a sense is a grouping of every internet communication method. In social networking websites such as Facebook, people can create accounts and communicate with other people. It also provides the opportunity to stay up-to-date about the activities of friends and send information either publically or privately. In recent times, the popularity of social networking has increased dramatically where Facebook leads the competition with millions of active users. According to the research conducted by United Nations Research Institute for Social Development in 2000, the introduction of internet and social networking websites has increased the communication level. The level of information exchange through this new medium has far surpassed the traditional communication media such as telephone, face-to-face conversation and meeting among others. This trend represents financial benefits particularly to the poor nations. The present personal communication strategy of using social networking websites provides the opportunity for exploring new customs of other nations and also helps to enhance the knowledge (Serbanescu, 2011). Internet as Public Sphere Public sphere is partic ularly vital for communication in current civilization. It acts as a medium in which people can communicate effectively regarding important matters along with permitting people to inform about vital aspects. Considering the significant role played by internet, several researchers have framed normative theories which demonstrate how public sphere can be organized in order to ideally accomplish its roles. One of the most conspicuous

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